Pregnancy Week 25


If you are 25 weeks pregnant, then congratulations! You have reached your third trimester! With weeks passing by, your baby is also growing and it may even happen that you would need to be delivered of your baby soon. But with the growth of the baby, many pains and risks come too. To begin with, its weight is also growing. So first let’s talk that how big your baby will be during the 25th week of pregnancy.

What is the size of the baby during 25th week?
If we talk about the size in inches, then the answer is 13.6 inches. If we talk about it in centimeters, then it is 34.5 centimeters. And on to the weight, that comes to 1.6 pounds or 0.72 kilograms.
Now, let’s discuss the symptoms of pregnancy week 25.
In the earlier stages of your pregnancy, you will feel energetic and pretty much normal. But as the weeks pass by, you will start feeling heavy on the stomach area little by little every week until your 25-th week when all manner of symptoms will have manifested. The symptoms may include the following:
1. You may experience trouble in sleeping. It can be due to your hormonal imbalance or just your stomach getting in the way of your sleep or you might be getting nervous thinking about your delivery. You can follow few tips which may help you get some good sleep. You can decrease the frequency of going to the washroom at night time for urination. In order to achieve that, you can drink extra water during the daytime so that your urination period would be over as you get closer to your bedtime. This method will definitely help you in getting more sleep at night.
2. The second symptom is often that your frequency of urinating will increase. As your baby is occupying your whole bladder, you naturally need to pee a lot.
3. Constipation can be the third symptom. You all would know what constipation is. You can prevent it by doing some simple regular exercises, drinking a lot of water as discussed earlier, eating food which is rich in fiber can also help a lot.
4. Another one can be swallowing up of hemorrhoids. Generally, hemorrhoids are cushions that help in passing stool out of the anal canal. They are also called piles. In the second half of the pregnancy, hemorrhoids are very common. They are so common because of your baby’s size and weight increases which in turn put a great amount of pressure on your digestive tract. On one side you are having swollen hemorrhoids and on the other hand, you are also having constipation, this certainly is a very bad combination. If you prevent your constipation, then it can also help you in preventing straining when you go to the washroom.
5. There is also heartburn. Your baby is already putting a lot of stress on your digestive tract as discussed earlier. They baby sometimes might push the stomach acid up which might cause painful burning in your esophagus. You can consult a doctor and they will recommend some antacids which are safe during this stage of pregnancy. You can also avoid spicy food in order to prevent the burning.
6. Braxton Hick’s Contraction can also be a symptom. Though it happens to mothers who are 28 weeks pregnant but sometimes 25-week pregnant mother can also experience them. What are Braxton hick’s contractions? – sometimes you may feel your uterus getting super tight and then suddenly it is back to normal. It is a good thing that the Braxton hick’s contractions are not that much frequent. If you switch your sitting or sleeping position, it will go away.
Now, we will talk about some tests you would need to take in this week of pregnancy.
1. Glucose Screening:
You need to attend some glucose screening test. It is an important test as glucose levels will be checked. If your glucose levels are higher than normal, then you might need to take some more tests. Gestational diabetes is the reason for which glucose screening test is done.
2. Ultrasound:
In the 25th week, your baby is developing a sense of equilibrium. He or she starts noticing which way is up and which way is down. During this pregnancy week, the baby is also growing some hair and fat too. The ultrasound test will be prescribed by the doctor. You cannot take this test out of your own will. Generally, screening is not required during the 25th week unless the doctor has prescribed it.

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