Pregnancy Week 26


It is every woman’s dream to give rise to a new life. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and women are widely celebrated for carrying life. As much as it brings joy, it is a tough journey since one has to cope with many changes in her body.

Human beings can carry their fetus for a period of 37-42 weeks which is equivalent to 9 months. These months are further sub-divided into three stages known as trimester. So generally pregnancy period has first, second and third trimester.

During these stages, a woman gets to experience different symptoms and body changes.

In this article, we are going to review on pregnancy at week 26.

The 26th week of pregnancy is basically the last week of second trimester. Probably at this stage you will notice the size and the length of the baby have greatly increased. At this point he’s approximately 35.6cm and 760g.Your baby has started to prepare for delivery and it tends to be very active. The fetus can now quickly respond to sound since the nerves in the ears are now developing.

The lungs also develop during this period. However there is still no air in these lungs, the fetus can still make breathing movements. The hands are now very active. Well, there is no doubt at this stage the baby’s brain is well coordinated with its body and it can now respond to touch.

Did you know at this stage you can play with your baby? It is very possible since the fetus can now respond to touch through the wall of your stomach. His nostrils also begin to open, the mouth also tend to be sensitive.

The most amazing thing is, after all those months of closed eyes, your baby’s eyes can now open. Finally it can see!

At this point the fetal movements also increases, his muscles are developing and he cannot just settle in one place. The kicking is now becoming too much and you can feel all the somersaulting that is taking place in your belly.

There are very many symptoms associated with 26 week pregnancy;

  • Bloating

This period is not easy since your stomach is filled with too much gas. Bloating causes a lot of discomfort and your stomach tend to swell most of the time.

  • Lack of sleep

Well, this is the time you will totally lack sleep .The crazy heartburns make you uncomfortable and insomnia will now become part of you.

  • Painful contractions

It is very normal to experience contractions during this stage. The contractions can be very painful and one will feel the urge to visit the toilet frequently.

  • Headaches

Headache is usually experienced in the first trimester but in most cases in can extend up to the second trimester. Headache in the second trimester is usually caused by psychological stress a mother is going through and also due to extra weight caused by the fetus.

26 weeks pregnant belly

This is a week where by very many activities are taking place and there is massive growth since the fetus organs are now developing. Well, there is no doubt at week 26, your baby bump is now visible and definitely everyone can tell you are pregnant.

As the belly protrudes, its roundness also tends to extend upwards. Your belly button also bulges out of the dress. It always necessary to take care of the belly’s skin so as to avoid stretch marks after birth.

26 weeks pregnant ultrasound

For a normal pregnancy, it is always advisable to conduct three ultrasounds for the entire pregnancy period. Week 26 is the best time to have the second ultrasound since during this time most of the fetus body organs are developing and it is easy to detect if the baby has any abnormalities and also the attachment of the placenta.

Ultrasound is very important since it can also help to determine the baby’s sex.

Pregnancy checklist

When you are pregnant it is very normal to feel overwhelmed by the whole idea. A pregnancy checklist can always help you to follow some few things you need to grab before the baby arrives.

  • At week 26 this is now the time you should start preparing for a nursery. You should also start buying essential things that your baby will need.
  • Ifyou are employed, you should now start looking for day care options.
  • Conduct some tour in the hospital where you would wish to deliver so as to familiarize yourself with delivery rooms.

Pregnancy is a tough journey. Pregnant women should always do a lot of exercises and eat healthy foods.