Pregnancy Week 28


During pregnancy, there are changes occurring in women’s bodies. Each week the uterus grows. Usually, the 28th week is quite crucial for you since you’re a week nearer to meeting your bundle of joy! Each week your uterus grows. In this text, I’m going to walk you through pregnancy week 28.


You may not feel quite big and get clumsy. You can be able to navigate your way around without difficulty. However, most women would start to experience changes in their bodies. Some of the symptoms may include constipation, leg cramps, hemorrhoids, and insomnia.

The 28th week is the time when some women would experience nausea during the whole course of their pregnancy. By this time you’ve probably experimented with all kinds of foods to find out what you can put up with and what you cannot tolerate. To you, the thought of some foods and cooking smells may be a turn-off. You may develop extreme complications of vomiting and nausea. For women who are not able to keep their body fluids down hospitalization and administration of intravenous fluids would be necessary. However, this condition is not common. Women who have gone through this kind of unending nausea say that relief is instantaneous after the baby is born.However, there is no cause for alarm because this condition will only last until your baby is born.

If you do not have a comfortable chair it would be wise to invest in one prior to the 28 week period. This is due to the fact that you’ll be spending huge amounts of time seated before you give birth and after the baby comes. Feeding a newborn baby consumes lots of hours each day. Also cuddling, staring and gazing at the baby takes a lot of time. A chair that is well-positioned at the arms rest and with a good lumbar support would be ideal. That chair should not push to the back of your knees neither should it make it hard for you to get up and out of it. As your pregnancy proceeds, a footstool would be essential.


· Stretch marks could appear at your stomach, therefore, do not be alarmed if you’ve been avoiding them. There is nothing that can be done to hinder them. Although they are red and visible, within a year they usually fade to white and not as noticeable.

· Bending and squatting become difficult. However, you’ll find a new way of doing things. Lots of pregnant women would prefer purchasing a pair of calipers rather than pick up things using their toes which needs getting used to. If you work in an office ensure that your workstation is well organized to suit you.

· At this stage, your breasts would start producing an early form of breast milk known as colostrum. It is usually yellowish in color and high in antibodies. This is a sign of early lactation and should not worry you.


Pregnant bellies are usually measured in centimeters. The formula for calculating the size of your belly can be done at any point in your pregnancy. At week 28 is when it can be felt above the belly button about 8.9cm or more. The weight gain is likely between 7.7-10.8kg. However, it is always imperative to discuss the weight changes with your doctor during your appointments. The 28th week is basically the first week of your third trimester. This is when you would look pregnant.


During the 28 week pregnancy period, the baby starts to develop more fat and its wrinkly skin starts to get smoother. Amazingly also, the baby starts to practice breathing! The lungs of the 28-week old fetus are mature enough that if it were born it would probably survive. At this stage, the baby keeps getting bigger and smarter. After this, the baby will only require a few finishing touches to be ready to meet you.

At this stage, you’ll start noticing your OB probably twice every month. If your pregnancy had not been complicated do not expect to get an ultra-sound of your 28-week old baby at this appointment. It is not necessary to have several ultrasounds during your pregnancy unless the doctor wants to examine you.


· Count fetal kicks

· Program your 30-week prenatal visits

· Get relief options to help you during your labor periods

All the best as you go through this phase of life!