Pregnancy Week 33


Are you an expectant mother? Which week of pregnancy? If the case is week 33, then this is yours.

Important tips about pregnancy week 33 have been isolated to offer guidance on what you are supposed to do as you await your anticipated angel.
How Your Baby Is Growing:
Rapid growth is what your doctor will tell you at this stage. In fact, the foetus will grow up to a full inch within one week only. So amazing.
He/she begin to lose that alien look, wringled forehead and his/her skeleton hardens further. The bones in the head are not linked to one another to allow frequent movement and slight overlap. Makes it easier for him/her to pass the birth canal during parturition. These bones do not entirely fuse until the early adulthood. They will be growing as the brain and other tissues expand during infancy and childhood.
At this week, your baby will weigh a little over 4 pounds and he/she will have passed the 17th inch mark; about the size of a mature pineapple.
Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 33:
i. Overheating:
Elevated metabolic rate is a major cause. Increased digestive function to offer body nutrients. Increase in respiration rate to yield substantive energy calories. And high fat deposition along the embryonic membrane to support protection of the foetal sac.
ii. Headaches:
Comes as a result of increased hormone fluctuations. It may cause dehydration and/or stress. Take enough water, visit ladies room consistently and get good friends to share with stories. It’s worth a sacrifice.
iii. Clumsiness and Forgetfulness:
Physiological changes in your body would be the preliminary point. They will create stress and anxiety making you develop a feeling of expecting a baby in less than two months period.
iv. Shortness of breath:
It’s a labored experience. One may encounter this due to limited lung capacity space. If your pregnancy is twin baby pregnancy, you are highly susceptible to the symptom.
v. Inability to sleep comfortably:
Enlarged belly makes it difficult to turn.
vi. Feel numbness and ache in your wrists, fingers and hands:
Numbness is created by pinched nerves along the affected regions. Conversely, the ache feel is cultivated by increased tissue fluid retention which increase pressure in the carpal tunnel. To control, wear a splint for wrist stabilization, support your arm with a pillow during sleeping and strech your hand when you break from working; should be frequent.
33 Weeks Pregnant Belly:
The baby fills out your belly. That’s the reason why you feel short of breath when you breath. Body weight will increase with a lot of weight contributed by the belly region. Infact, 22 to 28 pounds (for single baby pregnancy) and 32 to 42 pounds (for twin baby pregnancy) of weight are gained during this period. Excess amniotic fluid will also begin to accumulate.
33 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound:
If you were to be tested for pregnancy using ultrasound, then the baby would be found keeping his/her eyes open while staying awake. The baby would also be starting to co-ordinate breathing accompanied with sucking and swallowing; a significant skill for life on the world when he/she will be born.
The ultrasound will also reveal that your baby is undergoing development; bones hardening and brains developing. It’s an examination done as part of the biophysical profile and mainly, at the third trimester for patients with high risks. Expectant mothers diagnosed with a twin baby pregnancy.
Pregnancy Checklist At 33 Weeks Pregnant:
These are the reminders for your clinic as the pregnancy counts down to parturition. Consider the following:
i. Pick your hospital clinic bag.
ii. Make a preparation for postpartum care.
iii. Inquire more about hospital resources.
As you have seen, this is the most critical stage of pregnancy. We therefore ask all patients to follow their doctors instructions strictly and always keep in touch to safeguard the livelihood of their foetus, also themselves. Most who still feel sexy at this stage and their partners are in a position to agree, we advice you to make some adjustments. Your baby is a gift. You may hamper the developmental process. Take care. Also, as already discussed, the symptoms identified within this stage, are controllable. Follow the procedural guidelines to get rid of them. Though they would vary from one patient to another. You will realize most of them are curable through a little but consistent exercise. That’s what you need.