Pregnancy Week 34


Pregnancy is the period when a woman carries a fetus until maturity otherwise referred to as “full term” which is between 36 to 40 weeks. Although, there are instances when the woman puts to bed right before the supposed full term and in such instances, the baby will be placed in an incubator until it matures fully and can live or survive on its own. There are certain things that are associated with pregnancy that a woman needs to know and these things include the symptoms you experience during pregnancy, things you ought to do during pregnancy, how your baby grows when you are pregnant etc. This article will base its information on Pregnancy week 34.

Symptoms associated with week 34 of pregnancy

These are the basic symptoms that are associated with a woman that is 34 weeks pregnant:

1. Fatigue and tiredness: at 34 weeks, a pregnant woman, you will discover that you get tired easily and this shouldn’t make you feel as though you have a problem because it is quite normal with most 34 weeks pregnant women and yours is definitely not an exception.

2. False labor: some women at this stage of the pregnancy will discover that they are having false labor alarm. It is, however, necessary and important for you to know that false alarm of labor happens as a result of the sudden tightening of the uterus for a few seconds.

3. Frequent urination: you will also discover that you urinate more frequently than you used to now and this is the resultant effect of the fetus growing in the uterus which is exerting pressure on the bladder. This can lead to leaky urination when you are laughing or even coughing when this happens, just know that you are not having any kind of illness but that it is a symptom of pregnancy.

4. Indigestion: indigestion is yet another symptom that you will get when you get to the 34th week as a pregnant woman and this
can also be associated with heartburn, acid, and gas reflux.

The Pregnant belly at 34 weeks

It is imperative for you to know that at 34 weeks, you will discover as a pregnant woman that the top of your uterus will be discovered to be located about 5.5 inches or so above your belly button and this is because your little Angel is growing. Moreover, you will discover that your uterus will still be sitting in your abdomen on the high side and this simply means your baby is getting cramped inside your womb because he is growing big. You will discover within a few more weeks that your belly will start dropping lower which is in preparation for delivery preceded by labor. Finally, on your belly, you will also discover that you will be adding a pound per week as most of this weight will be attributed to your growing baby. Your belly at this number of weeks will be measuring about 32 to 36 inches to the pubic bone from the top of the uterus.

Ultrasound at 34 weeks of pregnancy

It is best and medically advisable for you to do an ultrasound when you are 34 weeks pregnant and these are the major reasons why you will need to do the ultrasound: it will enable your doctor know the exact position, presentation, general assessment of the state and development of your baby, hypoxia exception, and health of your baby while at the same time help you identify if you have any kind of complication like the position of the placenta whether it is lying low, the condition of the placenta whether it has water in abundance or it is lacking in water. Ultrasounds at this stage of the pregnancy will help you have control over the possibility of your having the umbilical cord circled in the uterus. Having an ultrasound done on the 34th week of pregnancy will enable your doctor know the possibility of you having a natural childbirth or otherwise and some other indicators that are important.

Pregnancy checklist at 34 weeks

These are the checklist for the 34 weeks pregnant woman

1. Familiarizing yourself with the birthing process will be great for you, the labor room, delivery room, emergency room, filling out your pre-registration form etc.

2. Schedule your prenatal visit for the 36th week.

3. Schedule for your Group B streptococcus screening test known as (GBS).

4. Finish the nursery and write thank you notes for your baby shower.

Pregnancy week 34 leaves you with 6 more weeks to go before you carry your little darling in your hands.